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Month: May, 2012

Backpack Essentials Pt 2

I forgot.

I forgot two very, very important things. It is okay if you forget something. Usually something else you already have will make a perfect substitute for whatever you forgot. Here they are:

A washable, light set of utensils. This German made set looks perfect. Would fit really well in that side pocket of your pack.

Some sort of rag or handkerchief. Use it to tie off a wound. Wipe your mouth. Brush the sweat from your brow. Handy in a number of situations.

I just wanted to remind everyone that as much as this is about not creating waste, it is also about being self sufficient. That is what this whole blog is about. Radio show and all. I might not be able to tie a handsome rope or fend off a bear with my fists, but I could live comfortably for a year out of the backpack I carry with me everyday.


Backpack Essentials

Aside from a place to post my radio play¬†Garden & Gathering, I would like this to be a space for discovery. A place to find ways of sustainable city living. I have had a desire to live off the grid. Buy some land and set up a home to live without help from others. Instead it may be more important to live inside the grid, but not on it. Starting simply, here’s what you can carry in your backpack to reduce waste.

First, you need a backpack. Look for one with sturdy, yet comfortable, straps. You are going to be wearing this often. Side pockets are a definite plus. Make sure it has a lot of room and strong stitching.

Mason Jars! Best thing to have in your backpack. If you had a packpack full of just mason jars, you would survive for a year without creating any waste. Use them for coffee. Shove food inside of them. Fill with water. Or whiskey.

Drawstring bag. A good place to put dry, crumbly goods. Stuff your trail mix in here. Take an old bandana and a shoestring, tie off the top, and you have your own drawstring bag.

Pocket knife. I cannot tell you how many times I have used my pocket knife since I started to carry it with me. Plus, this one has a wine key! Really cannot get any better.

Notebook. With a pen. Take notes of when you are creating waste and find a way around it. Use it for scraps. Press flowers. ALWAYS carry a pen and paper.

These are just a few basics that I carry around. The idea is to create a portable home. Something you can take with you everywhere you go and never have a need. Good luck young adventurers.

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