Diary Entry January 12, 2014

by rivercramer

Honestly stunned by summerlike weather mid-January. Supposed to write my thoughts down, supposed to spend however long a day writing, supposed to supposed to. All I can think about are summer bike rides through downtown. Pedaling the heat away. Falling asleep at Wash Park. Lying out on my rooftop. The slow days. Waking to a gaggle of geese surrounding my bench. The slow days…

Each one the same. Waking up with nothing to do, not much money, surviving on caffeine and nicotine. An awful balance, but it got me through some rough times. The shower was the hottest part of the house, between the steam and morning window. I would take cold shower. Run a brush over my teeth while I picked out what to wear. My closet still had my suitcase in it, filled with cut off button up t-shirts. Make my way to Crema. Ride along Walnut taking pictures of forgotten signs and inspired graffiti. Ride to Gorditas y Tacos, fill mine with tender pork and cactus. Grab a couple 24oz PBRs for $3 and ride home. I would sit on the floor, next to the window, to feel the breeze. Stevie Wonder crackling out of my broken cassette player and watch the clouds, naming them wonder and awe. Ride downtown to The Market, buy cheese and meat placing it between slices of the loaf I baked the day before. I gave the rest to a man struggling at a bench off 18th and Blake.