G&G Is Dead, World is Wilder

by rivercramer

I started this blog to publish a series of radio play style podcasts two years ago. It turned into an EDC blog, almost prepper at times. It sat for a winter and nagged at my soul, nibbling pieces of my heart to return to writing. I came back to Denver and picked up posting short stories and poetry, until I realized this blog is like a junk drawer of my thoughts.

I like junk drawers, but I’m not 16 anymore. Nor am I 21. I am 30 (almost), which means nothing and everything. Thus, without further ado I am laying to rest my little Garden. Father Alabaster will have to poke his head out in another story. Until then, there is always my homepage and portfolio over there at my name River Wharton.

OR! You can follow my new creativity and adventure blog: World Is Wilder

Thanks for all the good times!

(Also, WiW will NOT be posting to Facebook. Thank you very much.)